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Intel® 82865G Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Removing the Right-Click Desktop MenuHow To Guides
Intel® Graphics and Televisions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQs
Monitor .INF FAQFAQs
Error Messages Seen When Installing Intel® Graphics DriversHow To Guides
How to Manually Find Intel® Graphics DriversHow To Guides
Unattended InstallationHow To Guides
Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel Display/HDMI Audio DriverHow To Guides
Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 User GuideTechnical Documents
Error: Can't Find Requested StringKnown Issues
How Do I Roll Back My Driver to a Previous Version?How To Guides
Intel® Clear Video Technology FAQFAQs
Gamma and Brightness Settings for Video Files and DVDsHow To Guides
Intel Graphics SchemesHow To Guides
Image Displays Black/White When Using TV-OutHow To Guides
Tips for Entering Problem DescriptionsHow To Guides
Software DVD* TroubleshootingKnown Issues
Unattended Installation of Windows NT 4* with Intel® Extreme Graphics DriversHow To Guides
Silent Installation of the Intel Graphics DriversHow To Guides
Video Does Not Play on TV/PC Displays SimultaneouslyFAQs
Older Intel® Graphics Controllers and Windows Vista*Technical Documents
Microsoft* Windows NT* 4.0 Graphics Driver Installation TroubleshootingKnown Issues
Sysprep Installation Lockup When Installing the Graphics DriverKnown Issues
Error: Cannot Install Intel® Graphics Driver on Current Graphics DeviceKnown Issues
90 and 270 Degree Rotation Options UnavailableKnown Issues
Incorrect Video Mode If Unattended, Sysprep, or RIS Install of Microsoft*Known Issues
Multiple Displays FAQ for Older Intel® Graphics ProductsFAQs
Support for 32 Bit Color Depth (32 bpp)FAQs
Advantages of Using Triple Buffering in 3D GamesTechnical Documents
Microsoft* Word Shortcut Keys Do Not Function While Intel Hot Keys are EnabledKnown Issues
Colors on the Monitor are Too Red, Green, Blue or YellowKnown Issues
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