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Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller Family

Enhance Performance & Maintain

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Performance Optimization & Use

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General Installation & Configuration

Removing the right-click desktop menuHow To Guides
The Intel(R) Extreme Graphics Driver may need additional reboot when installingKnown Issues
Gamma and brightness settings for video files and DVDsHow To Guides
Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 User GuideTechnical Documents
Intel Graphics and Televisions frequently asked questions (FAQ)FAQs
Error messages seen when installing Intel® Graphics DriversHow To Guides
How to manually find Intel® Graphics DriversHow To Guides
Uninstalling the Intel® Graphics Driver and Intel Display/HDMI Audio DriverHow To Guides
Error: Can't Find Requested StringKnown Issues
Intel® Clear Video Technology FAQ
Intel® Graphics Driver ReportHow To Guides
Multiple Displays FAQ For Older Intel® Graphics ProductsFAQs
Troubleshooting TV connections to computerFAQs
Image Displays Black/White When Using TV-OutHow To Guides
Incorrect Video Mode if Unattended, Sysprep, or RIS install of Windows* 2000Known Issues
Multiple Displays FAQ (Older Graphics Products)FAQs
Silent installation of the Intel® graphics driversHow To Guides
Identifying the TV-Out or DVI Chip Used with Integrated GraphicsHow To Guides
Software DVD* troubleshootingKnown Issues
Older Intel® graphics controllers and Windows Vista*Technical Documents
Automatic installation of OEM graphics driversFAQs
Support for 32 bit color depth (32 bpp)FAQs
Colors on the Monitor Are Too Red, Green, Blue or YellowKnown Issues
Microsoft* Word Shortcut Keys Do Not Function while Intel Hot Keys Are EnabledKnown Issues
Chipset AGP Function Could Be DisabledKnown Issues
Why Does Device Manager Show Two Different Graphics Controllers?Known Issues
Advantages of using triple buffering in 3D gamesTechnical Documents
90 and 270 degree rotation options unavailableKnown Issues
Enable Panel FittingHow To Guides
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