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Intel® Desktop Board DP45SG


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General Installation & Configuration

No boot troubleshooting wizardKnown Issues
Troubleshooting system no boot issuesGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Windows* XPHow To Guides
Troubleshooting network issuesGeneral Product Information
Intel® Integrator Assistant technical support
Intel® Integrator Assistant Technical SupportKnown Issues
Troubleshooting BIOS IssuesKnown Issues
Troubleshooting BIOS issues
Port 80h POST codesKnown Issues
Integration Guide: TroubleshootingHow To Guides
BIOS settings glossaryGeneral Product Information
Intel® Integrator Toolkit technical supportKnown Issues
Troubleshooting system memory issuesGeneral Product Information
Error on LPC Interface Controller in Device ManagerKnown Issues
Troubleshooting operating system issuesGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: BIOS
Instructions for F7 BIOS Flash update
Troubleshooting disk drive problemsGeneral Product Information
Instructions for iFlash / Integrator Toolkit (ITK) BIOS Files
Instructions for ISO Image BIOS update
Instructions for ISO Image BIOS UpdateHow To Guides
BIOS update instructionsGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Windows* VistaHow To Guides
Troubleshooting audio issuesGeneral Product Information
Single, dual, triple, quad, and flex memory modesHow To Guides
Integration guide: System setup by OS – Microsoft Windows 7*
Integration Guide: System Setup by OS ® Microsoft Windows 7*How To Guides
System Does Not Boot and Shows POST Code 4FKnown Issues
Error: Chassis fan has slowed or stoppedGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting PC accessory issuesGeneral Product Information
Build it: Resources for building a computer
Troubleshooting RAID IssuesKnown Issues
Instructions for iFlash BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
Audio driver failure in Windows XP* 64-bit
Troubleshooting RAID issues
Instructions for Express BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting video issuesGeneral Product Information
Unattended operating system installation issues
Integration guide: System setup by operating system - Microsoft Windows* 2000
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Microsoft Windows* 2000How To Guides
Keyboard prompts during boot process (POST)
Virus informationGeneral Product Information
CMOS and SPI_CON Jumpers on Intel® Desktop Board DP45SGTechnical Documents
Errors on Other Devices and Ports in Device ManagerKnown Issues
Desktop board support videosGeneral Product Information
Integrating your computer
Extra power needed by some PCI Express* graphics cardsGeneral Product Information
Power supply considerations for building a computerTechnical Documents
Instructions for BIOS Version DowngradeGeneral Product Information
Front panel audio header pinoutsGeneral Product Information
Instructions for Recovery BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
Installing nVidia SLI* and ATI Crossfire* Graphics CardsHow To Guides
Driver installation orderGeneral Product Information
Compatibility with Intel® Virtualization Technology
AA, TA, SA or PBA numbers
Integration Guide: Components
Drivers on Download Center are older than those on third-party sitesGeneral Product Information
General Installation & ConfigurationKnown Issues
IEEE 1394 supportGeneral Product Information
Clearing BIOS PasswordsGeneral Product Information
CMOS BatteryGeneral Product Information
Onboard CD-ROM connector informationKnown Issues
IDE to serial ATA (SATA) convertersGeneral Product Information
Spare parts program
3-pin and 4-pin fan connectorsGeneral Product Information
Windows XP Mode* in Windows 7*
Power supply requirementsTechnical Documents
Compatibility Tool - Tray processor information
Compatibility Tool - tray processor and mini-ITX chassis information
Configuring your computer for RAID
Product damage definitions and prevention tips for processors and motherboards
S/PDIF information
Power supply connector pin-outsTechnical Documents,General Product Information
Configuring Your Computer for RAIDTechnical Documents
S/PDIF InformationTechnical Documents
Find the specification for your board
Integration Guide: Assembly
PCI Express and PCI technologyTechnical Documents
Express installer "Installation Failed" error installing USB 2.0 patch
Additional spare parts
My computer has no display
Front panel headersGeneral Product Information
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System MemoryTechnical Documents
ECC memory compabilityGeneral Product Information
System memory informationGeneral Product Information
Compatibility with Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT)Technical Documents
DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memoryGeneral Product Information
Tested PeripheralsTechnical Documents
Compatibility Tool - Tray Processor InformationKnown Issues
Compatibility Tool - Tray Processor and Mini-ITX Chassis InformationTechnical Documents
Desktop board compatibilityGeneral Product Information
Supported processorsTechnical Documents
Supported operating systemsTechnical Documents
Tested power suppliesTechnical Documents
Thermally advantaged tested chassis listTechnical Documents
Supported processorsTechnical Documents
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Performance Optimization & Use

Diagnostic and performance toolsGeneral Product Information
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