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Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2

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General Product Information

Intel® 975X Express ChipsetGeneral Product Information
Current desktop boardsGeneral Product Information
End of Interactive Support AnnouncementHow To Guides
Support for RAIDGeneral Product Information
BIOS beep codesGeneral Product Information
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Supported ProcessorsTechnical Documents
Supported operating systemsTechnical Documents
System MemoryTechnical Documents
Supported processorsTechnical Documents
Thermally advantaged tested chassis listTechnical Documents
Tested power suppliesTechnical Documents
Desktop board compatibilityGeneral Product Information
ECC memory compabilityGeneral Product Information
System memory informationGeneral Product Information
DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memoryGeneral Product Information
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Performance Optimization & Use

Diagnostic and performance toolsGeneral Product Information
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Warranty & Replacement

Warranty informationGeneral Product Information
Power supply connector pin-outsTechnical Documents,General Product Information
Redeeming your warrantyHow To Guides
Criteria for physical damageGeneral Product Information
Preventing physical damageHow To Guides
Electrical overstress definition and preventionGeneral Product Information
No Defect Found (NDF) Definition and PreventionHow To Guides
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General Installation & Configuration

BIOS settings glossaryGeneral Product Information
BIOS update instructionsGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: Components
Intel® Integrator Assistant Technical SupportKnown Issues
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Microsoft Windows* 2000How To Guides
Secondary RAID Controller Manual (Blue SATA Connectors)Technical Documents
Intel® Integrator Toolkit technical supportKnown Issues
Integration Guide: BIOS
IDE to serial ATA (SATA) convertersGeneral Product Information
IEEE 1394 supportGeneral Product Information
Instructions for Recovery BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
General Installation & ConfigurationKnown Issues
Power supply connector pin-outsTechnical Documents,General Product Information
Instructions for BIOS Version DowngradeGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting system memory issuesGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Windows* XPHow To Guides
Power supply considerations for building a computerTechnical Documents
Troubleshooting disk drive problemsGeneral Product Information
3-pin and 4-pin fan connectorsGeneral Product Information
Integrating your computer
Error: Chassis fan has slowed or stoppedGeneral Product Information
Instructions for Express BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
Instructions for iFlash / Integrator Toolkit (ITK) BIOS Files
Integration Guide: Assembly
Instructions for iFlash BIOS updateGeneral Product Information
Driver installation orderGeneral Product Information
Installing nVidia SLI* and ATI Crossfire* Graphics CardsHow To Guides
Integration Guide: System Setup by Operating System - Windows* VistaHow To Guides
Port 80h POST codesKnown Issues
Desktop board support videosGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting operating system issuesGeneral Product Information
PCI Express and PCI technologyTechnical Documents
Configuring Your Computer for RAIDTechnical Documents
Optical Drives Connected to Blue SATA Ports Do Not WorkKnown Issues
Audio Driver Failure in Windows XP* 64-BitKnown Issues
Front panel headersGeneral Product Information
Single, dual, triple, quad, and flex memory modesHow To Guides
Troubleshooting video issuesGeneral Product Information
Integration Guide: TroubleshootingHow To Guides
Onboard CD-ROM connector informationKnown Issues
No boot troubleshooting wizardKnown Issues
Drivers on Download Center are older than those on third-party sitesGeneral Product Information
Extra power needed by some PCI Express* graphics cardsGeneral Product Information
Power supply requirementsTechnical Documents
Clearing BIOS PasswordsGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting audio issuesGeneral Product Information
Virus informationGeneral Product Information
CMOS BatteryGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting system no boot issuesGeneral Product Information
Front panel audio header pinoutsGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting network issuesGeneral Product Information
Troubleshooting PC accessory issuesGeneral Product Information
Thermal zone informationGeneral Product Information
Unable to Install Microsoft Windows* XP on Blue SATA PortsKnown Issues
Troubleshooting RAID IssuesKnown Issues
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