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Intel® PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection

General Product Information

802.1x overview and EAP typesFAQs
What are the different features supported by Intel® Wi-Fi adapters?FAQs
What are the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility menu options?FAQs
What do the properties on the Windows XP* Wi-Fi Connection Details window mean?FAQs
What is Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software?FAQs
Understanding IEEE* 802.11 Authentication and AssociationFAQs
Does my Intel® wireless adapter support UEFI?FAQs
Wireless acronym decoderFAQs
What are IEEE* 802.11 Wi-Fi open and shared authentication?FAQs
Could you explain 64-bit and 128-bit Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)?FAQs
What are the different Wi-Fi protocols and data rates?FAQs
What does each one of the Wi-Fi taskbar icons on Windows XP* mean?FAQs
What is IEEE* 802.1X and how does it relate to security?FAQs
Do I need to upgrade firmware on my Intel® WiFi or WiMAX adapters?FAQs
Why do WLAN products operate at different frequency ranges?FAQs
Technical specificationsTechnical Documents
IEEE* 802.11a requires proper antennaFAQs
What are Wi-Fi profile exclusions and why are they used?FAQs
How does wireless diversity work?FAQs
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software connection status and network iconsFAQs
Intel® Wireless TroubleshooterFAQs
Wi-Fi network profilesFAQs
What are Intel® PROSet/Wireless tool tips and desktop alerts on Windows XP*?FAQs
Hotspot informationFAQs
What is the definition of 'Stealth Mode' relative to an Access Point?FAQs
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software WiFi Connection Utility featuresFAQs
Product Brief [PDF]Technical Documents
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Performance Optimization & Use

Frequently asked questions - Wi-FiFAQs
What is Wi-Fi roaming aggressiveness?FAQs
Reduced battery run time when using wireless on Windows Vista*Known Issues
Solutions to wireless errors reported by Microsoft Online Crash Analysis (OCA)*Known Issues
Intel® Wireless Event ViewerHow To Guides
Adding network security details to your profileHow To Guides
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Manual Diagnostics Tool.How To Guides
Create a secure ad hoc Wi-Fi networkHow To Guides
Create a secure Wi-Fi network profileHow To Guides
How to set up AES with LEAP in Windows Vista*How To Guides
What is a preamble?FAQs
What is a certificate and how does it apply to me?FAQs
Import wireless profiles using Intel® PROSet/Wireless softwareHow To Guides
How do I improve my 802.11n wireless performance?FAQs
Single Sign On (SSO) features and FAQFAQs
Wi-Fi client adapter connection and roaming behaviorKnown Issues
Does Intel® PROSet/Wireless network connection software work with DEP?FAQs
Where can I find more information on the advanced statistics on Windows XP*?FAQs
What are the advanced Wi-Fi adapter settings?How To Guides
IT administrator resourcesHow To Guides
How to export and manually or auto-import profile(s) using Intel® PROSetHow To Guides
Configuring Windows* domain name for 802.1x connectionHow To Guides
EAP-FAST configuration error 'Problem applying Profile'Known Issues
Memory use increase with Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software version 10.5Known Issues
How do I use adapter switching with Intel® PROSet/Wireless software?How To Guides
Configure automatic wireless connection on Windows Vista*How To Guides
Troubleshooting tipsHow To Guides
Intel Throughput EnhancementHow To Guides
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Warranty & Replacement

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General Installation & Configuration

Frequently asked questions - Wi-FiFAQs
Wireless Networking OverviewFAQs
How to view statistics of your Wireless Connection in Microsoft Windows 7*FAQs
How to create a Wireless Profile on Microsoft* Windows 7FAQs
How to import a Wireless Profile on Microsoft Windows* 7FAQs
Save to computer and unblock CHM files before openingFAQs
How to use Windows* instead of Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software to manage Wi-FiHow To Guides
Silent installation of wireless drivers and Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Connect to your wireless network using Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Create a new profileHow To Guides
Uninstall Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Connect to secure Wi-Fi networks on Windows Vista*, Windows 7* and Windows 8*How To Guides
Frequently asked questions for Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software and Windows* XPHow To Guides
Control how Intel® PROSet/Wireless displays information on Windows XP*FAQs
Quick checks that might improve or fix connection issuesFAQs
Resolving Wi-Fi network connection issuesFAQs
Open or close Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility on Windows XP*How To Guides
Switch the Wi-Fi radio on using Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Uninstalling program features of Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi SoftwareHow To Guides
How to remove an Administrator Tool created profileHow To Guides
What information is gathered in the Advanced Statistics window?FAQs
Intel wireless drivers, software, and installationHow To Guides
Connect to Wi-Fi networks without security on Windows Vista*How To Guides
Intel® PROSet/Wireless user guidesHow To Guides
Basic Wi-Fi components and terminologyFAQs
Build a home networkHow To Guides
How can I change the MAC address for my wireless adapter?FAQs
Intel® PROSet/Wireless User Guide v10How To Guides
Set up a secure Wi-Fi connection to the InternetHow To Guides
Accessing the Administrator ToolHow To Guides
Exclude a WiFi networkHow To Guides
How to edit or remove a Wi-Fi profile in Windows XP*How To Guides
Create a personal Wi-Fi security profile in Windows XP*How To Guides
User Guide: Intel® PROSet/Wireless v11How To Guides
Create a secure ad hoc/peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network on Windows XP*How To Guides
What Wi-Fi adapter mode matches my router or access point settings?FAQs
How to resolve errors identified by the Intel® Wireless TroubleshooterKnown Issues
Wireless radio cannot be enabled from softwareKnown Issues
Administrators Installation GuideHow To Guides
What do I need in order to connect to a Wi-Fi network?FAQs
Manage Wi-Fi profiles on Windows XP*How To Guides
Where are the Wi-Fi network adapter properties in Microsoft Windows XP*?How To Guides
Export or import Wi-Fi profilesHow To Guides
User Guide: Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi v12.0How To Guides
When attempting to connect to a WPA/WPA2 network the connection failsKnown Issues
Update your Wi-Fi adapter driver and Intel® PROSet/Wireless SoftwareHow To Guides
Uninstalling an Intel® WiFi adapter driverHow To Guides
Installation error when installing or swapping Intel wireless adaptersKnown Issues
How do I perform a silent install of the Intel® PRO/Wireless Driver?How To Guides
What are the basic requirements for wireless Internet access?Technical Documents
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software management ZCfgSvc service functionalityTechnical Documents
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