Intel® Core™ i5 Desktop Processor

General Installation & Configuration

Processor Installation Video for the LGA1150 SocketHow To Guides
Installation and Integration of LGA1150 Socket ProcessorsHow To Guides
Installation and Integration of LGA1155 Socket ProcessorsHow To Guides
Installation and Integration of LGA1156 Socket Desktop ProcessorsHow To Guides
Microcode Update Error Received After Upgrading ProcessorKnown Issues
Intel® Desktop Processors Package Type GuideTechnical Documents
Intel® Desktop Processor Support ResourcesHow To Guides
System Thermal ManagementHow To Guides
Upgrade Information for Intel® Desktop ProcessorsHow To Guides
How to Install a LGA115x Processor Into the SocketHow To Guides
How Do I Know if My Computer is Overheating?Known Issues
BXTS13X Liquid Cooling Thermal Solution Installation InstructionsHow To Guides
Installation Video for LGA2011 Processors & the BXRTS2011LQ Thermal SolutionHow To Guides
System Requirements for Intel® 64 IntegrationHow To Guides
Resetting Boxed Processor Fan-Heatsink Fasteners/PushpinsHow To Guides
No Boot WizardKnown Issues
Processor Installation Video for the LGA1155 and LGA1156 SocketsHow To Guides
Processor Integration Overview (LGA115x)How To Guides
How to Apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM)How To Guides
What Do I Do if My Computer is Overheating?Technical Documents
Do Not Place a Sticker on the Desktop Processor Integrated Heat SpreaderKnown Issues
Intel® Thermal Solution Installation Manual for HTS1155LPHow To Guides
Troubleshooting System No Boot IssuesKnown Issues
Intel® Desktop Processor Installation ManualsHow To Guides
Installation Manual (LGA1150)How To Guides
Installation Manual (LGA1156)How To Guides
Thermally Advantaged Tested Chassis listHow To Guides
What are the system requirements for Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology?How To Guides
Installation Manual (LGA1155)How To Guides
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General Product Information

What is the Tcase for 3rd/4th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors?Technical Documents
Processor Operation Temperature FAQFAQs
Contents Inside Intel® Core™ i7-875K and i5-655K ProcessorsTechnical Documents
Processor Identification Support for 4th Generation Intel® Core™ ProcessorKnown Issues
Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs
Product Manuals for LGA1150-Based Intel® Core ProcessorsTechnical Documents
Is it Normal That Start and Stop Behavior is Seen at System Startup?FAQs
Overview of Intel® Processor ToolsHow To Guides
What is the BIOS Implementation Test Suite (BITS)?FAQs
Define SSE2, SSE3 and SSE4Technical Documents
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs
Turbo Boost Frequency TableHow To Guides
Frequently Asked Questions for Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology on DesktopHow To Guides
User Guide for the Windows*-Based Intel® Processor Diagnostic ToolHow To Guides
Intel® Processor Features DefinedHow To Guides
Processor Physical Damage Information - Damage Due to External CausesHow To Guides
Intel® HD Graphics Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs
Information About Intel Engineering/Qualification Sample ProcessorsTechnical Documents
Multi Core Questions and AnswersFAQs
Intel® Processor Identification UtilitiesTechnical Documents
Product OverviewGeneral Product Information
Intel® Turbo Boost technologyGeneral Product Information
Intel processor ratingsGeneral Product Information
Product SpecificationsGeneral Product Information
Product Technical DocumentsGeneral Product Information
Intel® QuickPath technologyGeneral Product Information
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Performance Optimization & Use

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