Intel® Xeon® Processor
Support Components
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Suppliers of support components have developed products for Intel® Xeon® processor-based system designs. The listed vendors supply support components for processors in a 603/604-pin package. Some vendor products may follow design guidelines listed on the Application Notes page.
Clock Drivers
Supplier Contact Phone Email
(AMI) American Microsystems, Inc. Joe Gallagher 215-654-7567
Cypress Semiconductor Paul Cheng 408-992-0202 ext. 1137
ICS (Integrated Circuit Systems, Inc. Steve Bolger 408-991-3929
Philips Semiconductors Shareef Batata 408-991-3929
Voltage Regulator Control Silicon
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Analog Devices Lee Space 408-382-3204
ON Semiconductor Michael Stapleton 602-244-5027
Fairchild Semiconductor (USA) Jim Franks 281-251-7007
Fairchild Semiconductor (ASIA) Rexin Wang 886-2-2712-0500 EXT. 602
Intersil Corporation George Lakkas 919-405-3610
Semtech (USA) Hieu Duong 503-708-1774
Eric Yang 408-566-8721
Semtech (ASIA) Vincent Chen 011-886227483380
Texas Instruments Matt Thomas 603-222-8947
Volterra Craig Teuscher 510-743-1203
STMicro Li Huang 503-648-9873
Richtek Jeffrey Chung 886-3-5526789 ext 895
Primarion (USA) Dennie Rehm 310-792-6484
Primarion (ASIA) Steve Ng 886-2-2659-2818 ext 100
IR (USA, Europe) John Burgess 401-667-0238
IR (Asia) Mark Chiu 886-2-27098356
Voltage Regulator Modules
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Artesyn Technologies Conor Quinn 952-392-6631
C&D Technologies Karen Hazlett 503-652-7300
Lite-On Steve Maison 408-941-4522
Delta Electronics Sat Narayanan 503-533-8444 x119
VRM Connector and Clip
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Tyco Electronics Dave Bender 717-592-4347
Heat Sinks
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Furukawa America Inc. Katsu Mizushima
Alvin Tamanaha
Aavid Thermalloy David Huang 603-223-1724
JMC Products Jerry Johns 512-834-8866
Fujikura Ash Ooe 408-988-7405
Heat Technology, Inc. Gill Dillon 978-422-7100
Retention Mechanisms and Heatsink Attach Clip
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Foxconn Julia Jiang, Wesley Lin (408) 919-6178, 886-2-2268-3466 ext.6224,
603/604 Pin Socket
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Tyco Electronics/AMP Chauncey Knopp 717-986-3331
Foxconn Julia Jiang, James Hsu (Taiwan) (408) 919-6178, 886-2-2268-3466 ext.1056,
Molex Far East 886-2-2620-2300
USA 1-800-786-6539
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Sanyo Denki Mamoru Yasui (Moe) 310-783-5423
Processor Wind Tunnel (Housing, Retainer & Fan Holder)
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Trend Technologies Lisa Munoz (720) 494-2006
Professional Tool Ms Mari 604-332-2335 ext 309
Thermal Interface Material (Grease)
Supplier Contact Phone Email
Micro Si Rob Bass 480-893-8898 x143