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Intel® 810 Chipset Family & Intel® 815 Chipset Family
Graphics Drivers and Utilities - Archived Releases

Below are the previous releases of the Intel® 810 Chipset Family graphics drivers. For our most current releases, see the Intel® 810 Chipset Family Drivers and Utilities page.

NOTE: These materials are intended for use by developers of Intel® 810 chipset based products only. If you are a business user or home PC user using Intel® 810 chipset based products, we suggest you contact your PC manufacturer for driver updates specific to your system.

Graphics Drivers
Operating System Version Supported
Intel® Chipsets
Microsoft Windows* 2000 PV4.2* 815, 815E Read Me~
Microsoft Windows* 95
OSR 2.1
PV4.1* 810, 810E Read Me~
Release Notes~
Microsoft Windows* 98 PV4.1* 810, 810E Read Me~
Release Notes~
Microsoft Windows* 2000 PV4.1* 810, 810E Read Me~
Release Notes~
Microsoft Windows* 2000 PV3.3* 810, 810E Read Me~
Release Notes~

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Driver downloads
Driver installation instructions:
Step 2: Reboot
Step 3: Install graphics driver
Step 4: Reboot
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