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Intel® Rapid Boot Toolkit
Speeds up deployment and booting of servers
Optimize BIOS boot time performance without sacrificing important functionality with the Intel® Rapid Boot Toolkit. Boot your entire HPC cluster faster using the Intel® Rapid Boot BIOS and provision it in a fraction of the time required by the conventional BIOS and PXE provisioning method.
Featuring industry-leading POST (Power On Self Test) times to help you build fast booting systems, the Intel Rapid Boot BIOS is an option that significantly reduces boot time and also:
  • Ensures that BIOS releases meet strict boot time requirements
  • Minimizes idle boot time during the production process
  • Gains valuable headroom to meet strict boot requirements
What is it?
The Intel Rapid Boot Toolkit is a streamlined EFI BIOS with tools and example code to optimize Intel® Server Boards for High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.
Product information
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Features and benefits
Intel® Rapid System Boot
  • Initializes platform features most important to dense computing
  • Eliminates boot-time bottleneck to provisioning operations
  • Reduces total system boot time for faster deployment
  • Automatically boots payload out of flash at completion of POST
Flash-based payload
  • Maximizes boot-time network performance, reliability, and scalability
  • Maximizes boot-time security
  • Creates an appliance from arbitrary server platforms
Your payload can
  • Use any EFI-bootable OS (e.g., Linux* or embedded)
  • Support any interconnect fabric, such as Ethernet and InfiniBand*
  • Support any storage devices, including local, FC*, SRP*, iSCSI*, iWARP*
  • Provide remote access with arbitrary authentication and encryption
  • Provision over LAN, MAN, and WAN
  • Eliminate PXE infrastructure
  • Simplify DHCP infrastructure
  • Support arbitrary process and infrastructure