AP-914 Pentium® III Xeon® Processor SMBus Thermal Reference

The Pentium® III Xeon® processor is housed in a Single Edge Contact (S.E.C.) cartridge. Intel has included a thermal sensor inside the Pentium III Xeon processor to aid in thermal management of server and workstation systems. This feature allows for flexibility and precision in thermal management applications. The thermal sensor is connected to a thermal diode on the processor core. The core is the most significant source of power dissipation in the cartridge. The thermal diode temperature changes very closely with the junction temperature. Thus, the thermal sensor provides the earliest indication of thermal variation and the onset of potential thermal solution failure. Note that the maximum thermal plate specification remains the governing condition for guaranteed operation of the processor. For some applications the cache may be the forcing function of the thermal plate temperature if the core is not being exercised in high power mode. The thermal diode is located on the processor core and does not monitor the cache temperature.

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