Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Quick Reference Guide
Processor CPUID Information
Type 0
Family 6
Model 7
Stepping 2
Core Stepping kB0
TagRAM Stepping T6P-e/A0
L2 Size 512-Kbyte
Installation Information
Operating Voltage 2.0V
Max. Bus Frequency (MHz) 100
Max. Core Frequency (MHz) 500
Cover Temperature 75° C
Tjunction Temperature 90° C
Package Information
Processor Substrate Revision D
Package Type S.E.C.C.2 Cartridge
Socket Type SC242

These parts will only operate at the specified core bus frequency ratio at which they were manuafactured and tested. For both the pre-production and production processors, it is not necessary to configure the core frequency ratios by using the A20M#, IGNNE#, LINT[1]/NMI and LINT[0]/INTR pins during reset.
These processors will not shut down automatically upon assertion of THERMTRIP#.
Perfprmance-monitoring event counters do not reflect MOVD and MOVQ stores to memory on these processors.
This is a boxed processor with an attached fan heatsink.