Low Voltage Intel® Pentium® III Processor 512-KB

Using Intel's advanced 0.13-micron process technology with copper interconnect, the Low Voltage (LV) Intel® Pentium® III processor 512-KB offers high-performance and low-power consumption. Key performance features include Internet Streaming SIMD instructions, an Advanced Transfer Cache architecture, and a processor system bus speed of up to 133 MHz. These features are offered in a Micro-FCBGA package for surface mount boards. All of these technologies make outstanding performance possible for applied computing applications.

This document provides the electrical, mechanical, and thermal specifications for the LV Intel Pentium III processor 512-KB in the Micro-FCBGA package at 1 GHz/133 MHz (1.15V), 933/133 MHz (1.15 V), and 800/133 MHz (1.15 V).

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