AP-906: 100 MHz AGTL+ Layout Guidelines for the Pentium® Processor and Intel® 440BX AGPset

The Pentium® III processor is the latest processor in the family of Intel Architecture microprocessors. This processor extends the power of the Pentium II processor and adds the capability of the Streaming SIMD instructions to enhance multimedia technology. The Pentium III Processor maintains binary compatibility with the Pentium II processors. The design of the Pentium II processor, at the system bus speed of 100MHz, enables the Pentium III Processor to be plugged into the existing hardware platforms and bring "multiprocessor ready" capability to such platforms. The Pentium III Processor implements a synchronous, latched bus protocol that allows a full clock cycle for signal transmission and a full clock cycle for signal interpretation and generation. The Pentium III Processor bus, like the Pentium II processor with 100MHz system bus, uses low-voltage-swing AGTL+ I/O buffers, making high frequency signal communication between multiple loads easier.

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