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SoundMAX* 4 XL
SoundMAX* 4 XL from Analog Devices Inc.
SoundMAX* 4 XL

SoundMAX* delivers the PC sound quality demanded by today's most advanced Internet entertainment and business applications. By digitally synthesizing, spatializing and mixing stereo music and voice streams using the power of the processor and companion stereo CODEC, SoundMAX achieves audio parity with many consumer electronics devices. The SoundMAX-class AD1985 audio codec features 6 channel, 5.1 surround sound output, stereo microphone input, variable sample rate conversion (SRC), professional quality 103-dB output with 94-dB SNR, and analog enumeration capability. SoundMAX* 4 XL AudioESP now includes a sound control panel, audio configuration wizard, and jack sharing and retasking. Users have the flexibility to configure their audio for 6 speakers on S/PDIF digital speakers and a microphone.

Features include:
Audio Enumeration and Sensing Process (AudioESP): advanced jack-sensing and enumeration feature intelligently detects and identifies what type of peripherals are plugged into the audio I/O jacks and notifies users of potential inappropriate connections.
Audio Configuration Wizard: allows end users to quickly set up their audio peripherals. The user interface shows a virtual control center and dashboard where the PC's audio performance can be easily adjusted and monitored.
Optimum Voice Input performance: Supports PureAudio* 2.0 input noise cancellation improving overall recognition rate of speech enabled software applications.
Sensaura's 5.1 Virtual Theater* Surround Sound: Automatically create virtual surround speakers when multichannel audio content is played through a standard stereo speaker set-up.
Advanced Game Sound Effects and support on all major game audio technologies.
Configure for either 6 speakers or S/PDIF digital speakers and microphone.

Updated: Tuesday, November 25, 2003