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Intel® Desktop Boards
EMBASSY* Trust Suite version 6.0 from Wave Systems
EMBASSY* Trust Suite version 4.3 from Wave Systems

Take advantage of the advanced security features of your Intel® Desktop Board with the EMBASSY Trust Suite software. Key benefits to SMBs and Enterprises are:

  • Leverages Trusted Computing standards to harden PC security
  • Increases security and regulatory compliance
  • Reduces security costs and helps user productivity for a greater return on investment
Embassy Trust Suite uses the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security chip on the motherboard to give you hardware-based security combined with productivity features when protecting documents, securing passwords, generating digital certificates, encrypting email, logging on to Windows, managing security preferences, and more. Compatible with both Windows XP and Vista.

EMBASSY Security Center provides multifactor authentication features including support for smart cards, fingerprint biometric, TPM based PKI and password login options. Users enjoy these benefits:

  • Management functions to setup and administer the TPM security chip
  • Backup and recovery for the TPM security chip's keys
  • Out-of-the-box strong, multifactor authentication

Document Manager provides intuitive hardware based file and folder encryption allowing users to secure data.

  • Protects data in virtual drives secured by hardware
  • Seamlessly integrated with all Windows file operations including Explorer, My Computer, Save, and Save As functions
  • Secures data on corporate networks

Private Information Manager manages web and application passwords for productivity and security.

  • Simplifies password use and management of passwords
  • Increases user productivity by not having to remember passwords
  • Strong protection for web and application usernames and passwords

Security Wizards allow for easy setup and using the TPM to add hardware-based security to common applications.

  • Secure e-mail wizard
  • Secure EFS (Microsoft Encrypting File System) wizard
  • Secure 802.1x authentication wizard

These applications are included with the Intel Desktop Board. The Intel Desktop Board features the Embassy Trust Suite in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.

EMBASSY Trust Suite Enterprise Edition client upgrade provides a full version of Document Manager with up to 23 virtual drives secured by hardware with drive-share capability, stored on the media of the user's choice. Also provided is the Key Transfer Manager that performs auto key detection and archive for recovery of TPM keys.

For Intel Desktop Board owners who have a need for enterprise level management of TPM security, complementary server solutions are available from Wave Systems.

Embassy Remote Administration Server (ERAS) enables centralized IT administration to remotely provision PCs that are equipped with TPMs. ERAS provides an easy way to deploy and manage TPM clients.

Embassy Key Management Server (EKMS) provides secure backup and restoration of protected TPM keys, passwords, and certificates from one TPM system to another. EKMS allows for restoration of TPM information in cases of hardware failure or delivery of a new system.

Embassy Authentication Server (EAS) provides centralized management, provisioning and enforcement of multifactor domain access policies. EAS enables strong authentication to a Windows domain controller.