One Less Chip, So Many PossibilitiesIntegrated I/O reduces overall system power

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Storage developers take note: this integrated two-chip platform is for you. The Intel® Xeon® processor C5500/C3500 series with the Intel® 3420 chipset is a complete, high-performance platform that reduces power consumption by eliminating at least one chip from your board designs. With PCI Express* 2.0 and all I/O functions integrated on the CPU, you can now deliver more, with less.

Platforms under 100W

Two-chip design reduces total TDP and increases performance-per-watt, making it ideal for space- and thermally constrained systems, such as storage bridge bay (SBB) designs. This high-performing Intel® Xeon® processor-based platform can be used in a dual-processor configuration and is the first to integrate I/O.

  • 27 watts less total TDP¹
  • Up to 1.9x increase in performance-per-watt²
  • Expansion cards hook directly to CPU
  • Asynchronous DRAM self-refresh

Complete two-chip storage platforms

This is the first Intel® Xeon® processor with integrated storage features. With non-transparent bridging and I/O integrated on the CPU, you no longer need your I/O hub, bridge, and custom ASIC, potentially bringing your total board chip count down from five to just two.

  • Minimum 27 watts less total TDP, maybe more
  • HW-based RAID engine to offload RAID calculations (XOR/P+Q) from the core
  • Integrated PCI Express non-transparent bridging for redundant systems
  • Asynchronous DRAM Self-Refresh (ADR) to preserve critical data in RAM during a power fail
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