Intel® Celeron® Processor 440 For embedded computing

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The Intel® Celeron® processor 440Δ balances proven technology with exceptional value for embedded computing designs such as print imaging, gaming, interactive clients, and industrial automation. Featuring Intel® Intelligent Power Capability, it supports smaller, quieter, more energy-efficient embedded systems with improved performance over previous Intel Celeron processors.

Manufactured on 65nm process technology, the Intel Celeron processor 440Δ at 2.0 GHz offers 512 KB of L2 cache with a thermal design power (TDP) of 35 watts. Based on a new energy-efficient microarchitecture, this Celeron processor enables smaller and quieter embedded designs. It features Execute Disable Bit° (for built-in security support) as well as Intel® 64 architectureΦ (Intel® 64), enabling applications to access larger amounts of memory when used with appropriate 64-bit supporting hardware and software.

The Intel Celeron processor 440Δ is available in an LGA-775 package with integrated heat spreader. When combined with any of the following chipsets, the resulting platform provides scalability, along with exceptional value with mid-range performance and reduced power.

Product information

Features and benefits

800 MHz front-side bus Provides accelerated access to data from the processor core.
Intel® Wide Dynamic Execution Improves execution speed and efficiency, delivering more instructions per clock cycle.
Intel® Smart Memory Access Optimizes use of data bandwidth from the memory subsystem to accelerate out-of-order execution, keeping the pipeline full while improving instruction throughput and performance. Newly designed prediction mechanism reduces the time in-flight instructions must wait for data. Pre-fetch algorithms move data from system memory into fast L2 cache in advance of execution.
Intel® Advanced Digital Media Boost Accelerates execution of Streaming SIMD Extension (SSE/2/3) instructions to significantly improve media boost performance on a broad range of applications. 128-bit SSE instructions are issued at a throughput rate of one/clock cycle, effectively doubling speed of execution over previous-generation processors.
Execute Disable Bit° Enhances virus protection when deployed with supported operating system. Allows memory to be marked as executable or non-executable, allowing the processor to raise an error to the operating system, thereby preventing malicious code from infecting the system.
Intel® 64 ArchitectureΦ (Intel® 64) Enables access to larger amounts of memory and provides flexibility for 32-bit and 64-bit applications. With appropriate supporting hardware and software, platforms supporting 64-bit computing can use extended virtual and physical memory.
Intel® Celeron® processor 440
Product number Core speed Front-side bus speed L2 cache Thermal design power VID¹ Tcase(Max²)
HH80557RG041512 2.0 GHz 800 MHz 512 KB 35 W 1.000V - 1.3375V 60.4° C
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