Intel® IOP 341 and Intel IOP 342 With Intel XScale® microarchitecture

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Intel® IOP 341 and Intel IOP 342The next-generation Intel® I/O processor (Intel® IOP) 341 and Intel® I/O processor (Intel® IOP) 342 deliver full-function IOP-based RAID in a flexible, open architecture.

The Intel® IOP 342 is a high-performance I/O device incorporating two integrated, power-efficient Intel XScale® processors. The Intel IOP 342 divides the load between the two processors, ideal for situations that require a dedicated processor for separate applications or split functionality. This ability enables users to optimize and tailor different types of solutions for maximum performance. For example, RAID calculations or near real-time functionality can be dedicated to one processor, leaving the second processor to handle computing functions that have different performance requirements such as a user interface. Distributed processing of independent tasks greatly reduces the time and power required of each processor and customizes solutions for maximum processor utilization.

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Product information

Product highlights

  • One or two Intel XScale® processors with speeds up to 1.2 GHz
  • 1 MB embedded SRAM on-chip
  • PCI-X* and eight lane PCI-Express* interfaces
  • High-performance IOP-based RAID 5 and RAID 6 hardware acceleration
  • Pin compatibility with Intel® IOP348 I/O processor, Intel® IOC340 I/O Controller, Emulex IOP 504 I/O Processor*, Emulex IOP 502M I/O Processor*, and Emulex IOC 504 I/O Controller*
  • Intel® Block Protection Technology delivering end-to-end data protection
  • Multi-ported 400/533 MHz DDR2 memory controller supporting up to 4 GB of 64-bit ECC protected memory
  • Three application DMA units with XOR, RAID 6 P+Q, and CRC32C
  • Dual 128-bit/400 MHz internal buses, providing over 12 GB/s internal bandwidth

Intel® IOC340 I/O Controller Hub

Intel® IOC340 I/O Controller

Next generation of high performance, flexibility, power efficiency, and data protection.

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