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Intel® i960® VH Embedded-PCI Processor
Product Benefits | 80960 Local Bus is Available Externally | Comprehensive Development Environments | Product Highlights

Intel® i960® VH Embedded-PCI Processor Provides Integrated Memory Control and PCI Bus Interface

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The Intel® i960® VH Embedded-PCI processor is an integrated solution targeted at cost-sensitive applications in various market segments such as networking, communications, data management and storage.

Product Information
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Traditional embedded bus architectures such as VME are migrating toward the PCI bus. To provide an optimal solution for these PCI applications, Intel has integrated the PCI interface with a high performance 80960 processor core, yielding a valuable solution for system developers. The Intel® i960® VH Embedded-PCI processor features a 33 MHz, 32-bit wide interface which provides easy access to other PCI-enabled peripherals. This makes the i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor an easy choice for developers looking to simplify design, accelerate time-to-market, save board space, reduce on-board power and cut costs. In addition, the internal bus makes the i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor an ideal candidate for third-party add-ons.

The i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor uses the 80960 JT core, featuring 100 MHz internal clock speed. The core clock speed can be selected by the developer to operate at 33 MHz, 66 MHz or 100 MHz. The core also features 16 Kbytes of instruction cache, 4 Kbytes of data cache, and 1 Kbyte of high-performance RAM. Other core features include two 32-bit timers and a programmable interrupt controller. And that's only the core.

The i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor also includes an integrated Memory Controller supporting DRAM, SRAM, ROM and Flash memories. A 2-Channel DMA Controller provides full 132 Mbytes/sec burst support between the PCI bus and the local bus.

Additionally, the Address Translation Unit services local memory and the PCI bus by translating the inbound and outbound address spaces and the Messaging Unit transfers control information between the PCI driver and the processor via interrupts. The i960VH also contains an I2C Interface Unit allowing the 80960 core to serve as a master or slave assisting in system management functions. The wealth of features included on the i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor makes it a viable solution in a number of system types.

The i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor can be a compelling solution for embedded and I/O intensive applications that require a primary PCI bus interface. Providing a migration path from stand alone embedded processors to fully integrated I/O processors, the i960 VH processor offers high core performance, memory control and a PCI bus interface integrated onto one IC.
i960® VH Embedded-PCI Processor Block Diagram
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Product Benefits
The i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor features the most advanced 80960 Jx core available with the integration of components necessary to create an intelligent PCI primary bus interface. It's an ideal choice for cost-sensitive applications. In addition, the i960 VH processor offers:

High performance operation
Low power (1.9W typical)
Smaller package footprint
Low cost
Reduced chip count
Accelerated time-to-market
Ease of use
PCI v2.1 compliance
The Intel i960 VH Embedded-PCI processor offers high performance for leading edge applications, low power for designs with stingy power budgets, a small package for space savings and low cost for any design. The robust tool set, available to support designs, assists in creating an excellent design in minimum time. In addition, the i960 VH processor is PCI v2.1 compliant making it easy to interface with other PCI compliant products. The integration of the VH makes the whole design process easier - from purchasing the product to placing it on the board.

80960 Local Bus is Available Externally
In addition to the PCI interface, the i960 VH processor extends the internal local bus to the outside world. This feature allows embedded devices to be connected to the 80960 VH processor internal bus while PCI compatible devices can be connected simultaneously via the PCI interface. In this manner low-cost peripherals that do not require PCI-level performance can be easily added to the system. The i960 VH processor Memory Controller controls the memory on the local bus.
i960® VH Local and Embedded-PCI Buses
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Comprehensive Development Environments
The i960 architecture has one of the industry's most comprehensive tool support environments.
An evaluation kit (QUICKval product code: GVH80960PCI) is available and includes a board and the CTOOLS software development suite containing: profile-driven C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker, runtime libraries, debugger, monitor, software development utilities and on-line documentation. The compiler provides code execution profiling and instruction scheduling optimizations for the i960 VH processor architecture, to reduce code-tuning efforts and increase application performance.
Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
High-performance 80960 JT processor core (clock tripled 100 MHz internal speed, 16 Kbyte instruction cache and 4 Kbyte data cache) Legacy 80960 code support - preserves software investment High performance
Selectable core speeds (33 MHz, 66 MHz or 100 MHz) Provides customization options, choice of 3 different 80960 processor core speeds
Integrated 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI v2.1 compliant interface Successful and increased throughput by having the processor and the PCI bus on one chip
Address Translation Unit Allows PCI transactions direct access to the i960 VH processor local bus and permits the 80960 VH direct access to the PCI bus
Two-channel DMA controller between the PCI bus and local memory/local bus Transfers blocks of data between the PCI bus and the local processor memory at a maximum throughput of 132 Mbytes/sec
Integrated memory controller Supports 256 Mbytes of 32-bit or 36-bit DRAM, also SRAM, ROM and Flash memory
I2C bus interface unit Supports system management features (temperature control, LCD display)
Messaging Unit Allows a host processor or external PCI device and the i960 VH processor to communicate through message passing and interrupt generation
JTAG Interface (IEEE 1149.1) Easy testing and debug
Small 324 lead PBGA package Saves valuable board space

Product Highlights
80960 JT processor core (100 MHz) with large instruction and data caches for increased performance
Integrated PCI v2.1 Compliant Interface to reduce chip count
Integrated Address Translation Unit, Two-Channel DMA Controller and Memory Controller
Low power, low-cost solution
Small 324 lead PBGA package
Both Lead and Lead free package available
Wafer Program
Another benefit you have with these products is that they are now available in wafer form. If you are in need of bare die or the product in a package that Intel does not offer, then your solution is to purchase wafers.