Intel® 810 Chipset Family: Programmer's Reference Manual

The Intel® 82810 chipset is a highly integrated chipset designed for the basic graphics/multimedia PC platform. The chipset consists of a Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) host bridge and an I/O Controller Hub (ICH/ICH0) bridge for the I/O subsystem. The GMCH integrates a system memory DRAM controller that supports a 64-bit, 100-MHz DRAM array. The DRAM controller is optimized for maximum efficiency.

There are two versions of the GMCH (i.e., 82810, 82810-DC100). The Intel® 82810-DC100 GMCH integrates a display cache DRAM controller that supports a 4-MB, 32-bit, 100-MHz DRAM array for enhanced 2D and 3D performance.

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