Intel® 845G/845GL/845GV Chipset Thermal Design Guide: Intel® 82845G/82845GL/82845GV GMCH Thermal and Mechanical Design Guidelines

This document is for the 845G, 845GL, and 845GV chipsets. The thermal and mechanical design guidelines are described for the 82845G GMCH, 82845GL GMCH, and 82845GV GMCH. For the ICH4, refer to the Intel® 82801DB I/O Controller Hub 4 (ICH4) Thermal Design Guidelines (document number 298651).

The thermal design guides in this document provide an understanding of the operating limits of the 82845G/82845GL/82845GV GMCH components and discusses a generic thermal solution. This document presents the conditions and requirements to properly design a cooling solution for systems that use the 82845G/82845GL/82845GV GMCH.

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