Intel® 860 Chipset Memory Expansion Card (MEC) Design Guide

This document provides design guidelines for developing a Memory Expansion Card (MEC). These memory cards will be designed to support PC800 RDRAM* devices when interfacing with the Intel® 860 chipset. These Direct RDRAM device-based MECs are intended as the main memory subsystem for workstation and server designs.

This design guide organizes Intel's design recommendations for memory expansion cards. In addition to providing expansion card design recommendations (e.g., layout and routing guidelines) this document also addresses system design issues. Design recommendations, board schematics, debug recommendations and a MEC checklist are provided. The design recommendations should be followed strictly for all MEC designs. These design guidelines have been developed to ensure maximum flexibility for MEC designers while reducing the risk of board-related issues.

The schematics for a Memory Expansion Card are provided in Appendix A and are intended as a reference for MEC board designers. The schematics provide a reference for a Direct RDRAM device-based MEC. Additional flexibility is possible through other permutations of these options and components.

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