Intel® 815 Chipset Platform Design Guide

This design guide organizes Intel’s design recommendations for Intel® 815 chipset systems. In addition to providing motherboard design recommendations such as layout and routing guidelines, this document also addresses system such design issues as thermal requirements for Intel 815 chipset systems. Design recommendations, board schematics, debug recommendations, and a system checklist are covered. These design guidelines have been developed to ensure maximum flexibility for board designers, while reducing the risk of board-related issues.

Updates to the Intel® 815 Chipset Platform Design Guide specifications can be found in the Intel® 815 Chipset Platform Design Guide Update.

References may also be made to the following documents: the Intel® 815E Chipset: Intel® 82815 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub datasheet, document number 290688-001, and the Intel® 82801BA I/O Controller Hub 2 (ICH2) and Intel® 82801BAM I/O Controller Hub 2 Mobile (ICH2-M) datasheet, document number 290687-002.

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