Intel® 440FX PCIset - 82441FX PCI and Memory Controller (PMC) and 82442FX Data Bus Accelerator (DBX) Datasheet

The Intel 440FX PCIset provides a highly integrated solution for systems based on one or two Pentium® Pro processors. The 440FX PCIset consists of the 82441FX PCI and Memory Controller (PMC), the 82442FX Data Bus Accelerator (DBX), and the 82371SB PCI I/O IDE Xcelerator (PIIX3). The PMC and DBX provide a two-chip host-to-PCI bridge including the DRAM control function, the PCI interface, and the PCI arbiter function. The 440FX PCIset supports EDO, FPM, and BEDO DRAM technologies. The DRAM controller provides support for up to eight rows of memory and optional DRAM error detection/correction or parity. The 440FX PCIset contains extensive buffering between all interfaces for high system data throughput and concurrent operations.

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