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What to Consider if You Plan to Purchase a System with Bus Master IDE

Bus Mastering IDE technology implements logic circuitry on your motherboard that, when configured properly with other elements of your system, can reduce the CPU's work of retrieving and/or storing data on your hard disk drive or other IDE device.

Bus Master IDE performance

If you tend to run multiple desk intensive applications simultaneously, Bus Master IDE technology may help your system complete these tasks more quickly.

Bus Master IDE technology will probably not improve performance if your operating environment is characterized by the one of the following:

Typically runs DOS games OR
Only one application is running OR
Many apps running, but they are not disk intensive
Bus Master IDE requirements

To utilize Bus Master IDE technology your system must have all of the following elements:

Bus Master compatible logic on system motherboard
Bus Master compatible BIOS
Multi-tasking operating system (OS) such as Windows 95*
Bus Mastering-aware device driver for operating system
Bus Mastering compatible IDE device (disk drive, CDROM) that supports "DMA Multi-word" modes
A high level of compatibility validation, required to ensure that all these complex elements function properly together
Attention: Prior Technical Knowledge Required

Implementing Bus Master IDE technology requires advanced knowledge of the PC hardware and software, as well as debug tools to optimize the system performance. Consequently, Intel strongly recommends Bus Master IDE technology be implemented by a PC manufacturer. Incorrect implementation could result in system lock up or degradation in performance. Contact your PC manufacturer for information on whether or not these elements have been validated and are supported in your system.