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Intel® 810 Chipset
Mature Product
Intel® 810 ChipsetIntel has developed technology that enhances the performance and exceptional value of PCs designed for Intel® Celeron® and Intel® Pentium® III processors based on .13 micron or .18 micron process technology. Built on the strong foundation of Intel® 440BX AGPset technology, the Intel® 810 chipset has re-engineered the PC platform, providing next-generation Features and great graphics performance at a lower cost.

Richer, more robust 2D and 3D graphics are optimized thanks to an integrated chipset design that utilizes second-generation Intel® Graphics Technology. This integrated chipset offers innovative Features with compelling performance while lowering overall system costs through smart integration.
Intel® 810 Chipset Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
Intel® Hub Architecture Increased I/O performance allows better concurrency for richer multimedia applications
Integrated graphics / AC'97 controller BOM cost savings, more flexibility and better audio quality
Intel® 3D graphics with Direct AGP Vivid 2D and 3D graphics, BOM cost savings, efficient use of system memory for graphics, O/S, and applications
Optional 4MB of dedicated display cache video memory Enables SKU differentiation with increased 3D graphics performance improvement over Direct AGP
Low-power sleep modes Energy Savings
One software driver code base More stable platform, higher quality graphics, reduced OEM support costs
Digital Video Outport Allows connection of traditional TV or new digital flat panel displays; compatible with DVI specification
Soft DVD MPEG-2* playback with Hardware Motion Compensation Lifelike video and audio
66- and 100-MHz System Bus capable Flexibility for performance headroom when used with Intel® Celeron® and Pentium® processors (.13 or .18 micron)
2 USB ports Plug and Play
Multiple Intel® 810 chipset SKUs for performance and value PC price points Lower platform and manufacturing costs with single motherboard design
Intel® 810 Chipset Package Information
Product Package
82810 GMCH 421 Ball Grid Array (BGA)
82801 ICH 241 Ball Grid Array (BGA)
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