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Intel® 854 Chipset
Platform Development Kit for the Linux* Operating System
Platform Development Kit (PDK) for the Linux* operating system
Intel's Platform Development Kit (PDK) V5.5.2 Gold provides an enhanced environment for Linux developers creating software solutions for IP Digital Set Top Box designs based on the Intel® 854 chipset.
The PDK supports commonly used tools for Linux development, including optimized components and drivers required to integrate middleware and rich media applications. The Intel® Digital Set Top Box Display Driver is tailored for embedded devices and provides access to the graphics engine of the Intel® 854 chipset.
Major PDK features:
Optimized Kernel 2.6.10
Boot Loader
SDL shim
DirectFB shim
Display driver binary
Build scripts
Image generate scripts
Sample applications
Release description
Version 5.5.2 Gold of the PDK includes an embedded binary Platform Support Package (PSP) and a small-footprint Linux operating system for installation on the target hardware platform. Designed to enable fast booting in less than 15 seconds, the PDK includes support for the IPW2200 wireless driver, Enhanced Intel® SpeedStep® technology and ACPI power management (S1).
New in this release:
Supports AutoDetect feature for FS454