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Intel® 815E Digital Set Top Box Reference Design
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Intel® 815E Digital Set Top Box Reference Design

The Intel® 815E Digital Set Top Box Reference Design (DSTB) consists of a single board computer, which when combined with BIOS, O/S, and application software will function as an IP-VoD digital set top box delivering TV out. The board is designed in such a way as to deliver the baseline features within a tight BOM target, but offer select expandability options to meet specific customer requirements (ie. Hospitality DSTB and HDD/PVR applications).

Product Highlights
Scalable performance, with support from the Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® processor at 650, 733 and 866 MHz; and the Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® processor at 700, 733 and 800 MHz with processor system bus (PSB) performance of 100 and 133 MHz
Compact main board, 6.69 x 6.69 inches, with expandability through PCI and mini-PCI connectors
Capability for software-based video decode of Windows* Media* 9 and MPEG 1/2/4
Intel® 815E chipset with integrated 3D graphics, providing a platform that meets the stability and reliability requirements of cost-sensitive customers
Intel® 82801BA I/O controller (ICH2) for integrated LAN and ATA/100, which provide greater flexibility and a full-featured solution
Support for up to 512 MB of PC133 SDRAM
16MB - 640MB IDE Flash Disk-on-Module
Fanless thermal solution using a heat pipe and a chassis-mounted heat exchanger
Support for multiple form factors using the same main board: STB-type small form factor (approx.12"W x 8"D x 2"H), and CE-type full size form factor (approx. 17"W x 11"D x 3"H) suitable for including HDD and DVD-ROM drives
Infrared Receiver for remote control/keyboard
Third Party Vendor* Support
Intel works with multiple independent hardware and software vendors to help enable quick implementation of designs based on the Intel® 815 DSTB Reference Design. The following vendors support or plan to provide support for this reference design.
Focus Enhancements
Phoenix Technologies (BIOS)
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