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Intel® CE 6353
DVB-T Demodulator
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Intel® CE 6353 The Intel® CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator meets the performance requirements of NorDig Unified 1.0.2 standard. The device includes a high-performance 10-bit A/D converter capable of accepting direct IF integrated digital filtering and requires only a single 8 MHz channel SAW filter for 6, 7 and 8 MHz COFDM signal reception, plus a 7-bit ADC for RF level indication. An advanced hard-wired on-chip state machine controls all acquisition and tracking operations, minimizing software overhead and resulting in fast auto scan and auto signal re-acquisition.

The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator also features excellent single-frequency network SFN performance, unique auto active impulse noise filtering and very low power consumption, including software/hardware power-down mode.
Product information
Terrestrial receiver application
Intel supports the Intel® CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator with four reference designs from can tuner¹ manufacturers Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Thomson. These reference designs enable you to quickly evaluate and implement the DVB-T standard for your terrestrial applications. Each board includes complete documentation and test results, with software supported directly by Intel.

Our DVB-T reference designs offer excellent signal handling performance at very low power consumption. The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator has a unique on-chip dedicated tuner drive engine, ideal for the control of MOPLL-based RF tuner designs. This vastly reduces the tuner control software overhead and results in very fast frequency channel scan performance. For the non-MOPLL-based tuner, the Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator incorporates a two-wire bus bypass mode, enabling direct unrestricted programming of the tuner.

The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator accepts the classic TV IF frequencies of 36/44 MHz and low IF down to 4.57 MHz. It provides tuner IF AGC control, and RF AGC read using a 7-bit ADC for calculated RF signal strength indication. The Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator also includes an integrated digital filter that reduces the bill of materials by eliminating the need for multi-bandwidth SAW IF channel filters. It provides 6, 7 and 8 MHz operation using a single 8 MHz SAW filter. Driven by high-level commands and featuring full automation, the Intel CE 6353 DVB-T demodulator can be directly interfaced in parallel or serial modes to all standard MPEG-2 processing chips.
Product features

Intel® CE 6353 DVB-T Demodulator
  • Performance compliance standards
    • ETSI ETS 300 744 DVB-T
    • NorDig Unified 1.0.2
    • Very fast blind-channel scan times
    • UHF 2K only—9 digital with 5 analog channels present—less than 10 sec.
    • UHF 2K/8K only—9 digital with 5 analog channels present—less than 18 sec.
  • On-chip automatic functions
    • Lost signal re-acquisition with no external programming
    • Co-channel and adjacent-channel interference suppression
    • Active impulse noise rejection
  • Low power consumption
    • Less than 320 mW normal operation
    • Less than 280 mW low power operation
    • Eco-friendly standby and sleep modes
  • Excellent single-frequency network SFN performance
Easy to program
  • State machine architecture simplifies software implementation and minimizes host processor intervention
  • Simple high-level command-driven software
  • Vast array of on-chip information available to the user
  • Fully automatic blind acquisition capability with automatic mode-detect
Simplified design
  • Integrated digital IF filtering reduces cost with single SAW filter operation
  • RF signal-level indicator
  • Dedicated 2-wire bus interface for efficient tuner control
  • Clock generation from single low-cost 20.48 MHz crystal or external 4 or 27 MHz clock
  • IF sampling from 4.57 to 36.17 MHz and at 43.5 MHz
  • Direct interface to MPEG decoder chips
  • Operational temperature range –10 to +80°C
Customer support
  • Offered with production-ready reference designs