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Intel® CE 6313
DVB-S Demodulator
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Intel® CE 6313 The Intel® CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator meets the performance requirements of the European Broadcast Union ETS 300421 and DirecTV* specification for DSS. The device integrates an innovative state machine controller with a dual ADC, QPSK demodulator and high-performance Viterbi and Reed/Solomon decoder in a compact 7x7mm package. Capable of supporting high-level, command-driven software, the Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator provides high-speed 1 to 45 Msps scanning capability, simplifies programming, reduces software overhead on the processor, and optimizes the user interface. The range of clocking modes and flexible transport-stream interface provide compatibility with a wide range of MPEG decoders. The Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator also features very low power consumption, including software/hardware power-down modes for Energy Star* requirements.
Product information
Satellite receiver application
Intel supports the Intel® CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator with two reference designs that include the Intel® CE 5037 DVB-S PayTV* and Intel® CE 5039 DVB-S Free-to-Air* silicon tuners. These two reference designs enable you to quickly evaluate and implement the DVB-S/DSS standard for your application. Each board includes complete documentation and test results, with software supported directly by Intel.

Intel's DVB-S/DSS reference designs offer excellent signal-handling performance at very low power consumption. The Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator with Intel CE 5037 tuner is optimized for the PayTV market segment where signal-intermodulation performance, quality and reliability is of prime importance. The Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator with Intel CE 5039 solution is optimized to address the additional harsh signal-sensitivity performance requirements of the Free-to-Air market.

The Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator accepts the classic I and Q input signals, digitizes, demodulates and carries out DVB-S/DSS forward error correction (FEC) and descrambling. The Intel CE 6313 DVB-S demodulator has a range of clocking modes and transport-stream interface options to provide a fully flexible interface to MPEG decoder products. The onboard state machine allows high-speed 1 to 45 Msps auto-blind scan capability achieving Astra high-band scanning of both polarizations for 20-30 Msps channels in less than 22 seconds.
Product features

Intel® CE 6313 DVB-S Demodulator
  • Performance compliance standards
    • ETSi ETS300 421 DVB-S
    • DirecTV for DSS
  • On-chip automatic functions
    • Lost signal re-acquisition with no external programming
    • Very fast blind-channel scan times
    • Automatic spectral inversion resolution
    • Eutelsat DiSEqC* 2v2 receive/transmit for full control of LNB and dish
  • Up to 22.5 MHz LNB frequency tracking
  • Flexible parallel and serial transport-stream interfaces
  • Low power consumption
    • Less than 250 mW (typical) normal operation
    • Eco-friendly standby 2.5 mW and sleep modes 0.4 mW
  • Operational temperature range 0 to +70°C
  • Compact 64-pin LQFP 7x7 mm package
Easy to program
  • State machine architecture simplifies software implementation and minimizes host processor intervention
  • Simple high-level command-driven software
  • Vast array of on-chip information available to the user
  • Fully automatic blind acquisition capability with automatic mode-detect
Simplified design
  • Full front-end receiver designs
    • Free-to-Air using the Intel CE 5039 tuner
    • PayTV using the Intel CE 5037 tuner
Customer support
  • Offered with production-ready reference designs
Product technical data
Further technical data, documentation and software on all DTD products is available to Registered Intel customers using the Intel Premier technical support web based tool.

Reference designs
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