ULV Intel® Celeron® M Processor at 600 MHz for Fanless Set Top Box Applications - Thermal Design Guide

This document provides thermal design guidelines for the Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Celeron® M processor at 600 MHz for set top box applications in the micro-Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (micro-FCBGA) package. Detailed mechanical and thermal specifications for this processor can be found in the ULV Intel Celeron M Processor Datasheet. This design guide specifically outlines recommendations and reference designs for natural convection (fanless) thermal solutions.

The information provided in this document is for reference only and additional validation must be performed prior to implementing the thermal designs into final production. The intent of this document is to assist OEMs with the development of thermal solutions for their individual designs. The final thermal solution, including the heat sink, attachment method, and thermal interface material (TIM) must comply with the mechanical design, environmental, and reliability requirements delineated in the ULV Intel Celeron M Processor Datasheet. It is the responsibility of each OEM to validate the thermal solution design with their specific applications.

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