Intel® 82854 Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) for Fanless Set Top Box Applications - Thermal Design Guide

This document is intended to aid system designers to properly implement a thermal management solution to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the Intel® 82854 Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH). The objective of thermal management is to ensure that the temperature of the device while operating in a set top box system is maintained within functional limits. The functional temperature limit is the range within which the electrical circuits in the silicon can be expected to meet specified performance requirements. Operation outside the functional limit can degrade system performance, cause logic errors, or cause component and/or system damage. Temperatures exceeding the maximum operating limits may result in irreversible changes in the operating characteristics of the components. This document will provide an understanding of the operating limits of the Intel® 82854 GMCH and suggest proper thermal design techniques based on a particular configuration and system boundary conditions.

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