Intel® Pentium® Pro Processor
Quick Reference Guide
Processor CPUID Information
Type 0
Family 6
Model 1
Stepping 9
Mfg Stepping sB1
L2 Size/Cache Stepping 256-Kbyteβ
Installation Information
Operating Voltage 3.5V ± 5%
Max. Bus Frequency (MHz) 66
Max. Core Frequency (MHz) 200
Case Temperature 0C-85C
Package Information
Package Type PGA
Pin Count 387
Pin Array Modified Staggered
ZIF Socket Type Socket 8

This component has additional specification changes associated with it:
a. VCCP= Primary VCC= 3.5V±5%
b. PMAX= Max Thermal Design Power= 39.4W @ 200Mhz, 256K L2
c. ICCP=VCCP Current =11.9A
d. The VID pins are not supported on these parts.
e. T9= Minimum GTL+Input Hold Time=0.9ns
f. VIHmin= Minimum non-GTL+Input High Voltage= 2.2V [Only PICD[1:0] signals
affected. Clocks are unaffected]