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Intel® Pentium® Pro Processors
Quick reference guide

The Quick Reference Guide is an informational tool for developers, resellers and end-users. It provides necessary information for the installation of the Intel Pentium® Pro processor.

Information related to stepping, voltage and packaging of each specific Pentium® Pro processor is now available in a quick and easy format with no long download times. Just click on the appropriate s-spec number. For more detailed information regarding the Intel Pentium® Pro processor, please refer to the Quick Navigator on the left side of the screen.

SY - sSpec#
SY002 SY011 SY010 SY012 SY013 SY014 SY031 SY032
SY034 SY039 SY040 SY047 SY048      
SL - sSpec#
SL23M SL245 SL247 SL254 SL255 SL259 SL25A  
SU - sSpec#
SU103 SU104            
Q - sSpec#
Q008 Q009 Q010 Q011 Q033 Q034 Q035 Q036
Q076 Q083 Q084 Q0812 Q0813 Q0815 Q0816 Q0822
Q0825 Q0826 Q0858 Q0859 Q0860 Q0864 Q0865 Q0871
Q0872 Q0873 Q0874 Q0907 Q0908 Q0909 Q0910 Q0918
Q0920 Q0924 Q0929 Q932 Q935 Q936