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Intel® 850 Chipset family technical documentation
Application notes
Intel® 850 Chipset: Thermal Considerations Application Note (AP-720)
Controlled Impedance Design and Test
Direct RDRAM Thermal Design Methodology
How to Measure RDRAM System Clock Jitter
Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Test Methodology User Guide
RDRAM Thermal Interface Material Specification
Intel® 850 Chipset Family: 82850/82850E Memory Controller Hub (MCH) Datasheet
Design guides
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor in the 478-pin Package / Intel 850 Chipset Platform Family Design Guide
Intel® Pentium 4 Processor in the 423-pin Package / Intel 850 Chipset Platform Design Guide
Intel 850 Chipset CRB Schematics
Specification updates
Intel 850 Chipset Family: Intel® 82850/82850E Memory Controller Hub (MCH) Specification Update