AP-579 Pentium(R) Processor Flexible Motherboard Design Guidelines

This application note provides guidelines for designing a Pentium® Processor Flexible Motherboard. The Pentium Processor Flexible Motherboard is defined as a single motherboard design that can support the various members of the Pentium processor family including the Pentium processor with MMX™ technology, Pentium processor (75-200MHz), Pentium OverDrive® processor with MMX technology, and Pentium OverDrive processors. This document provides particularly important information for hardware developers since the Pentium processor with MMX technology has a new core voltage. The Pentium processor with MMX technology has a split voltage with a 2.8v core, 3.3v input/output. A Pentium processor has unified voltage with a 3.3v core and input/output. Because of the different voltage requirements, motherboards must be designed to accept the Pentium processor with MMX technology. Pentium processors with MMX technology should not be plugged into existing motherboards without ensuring they are so designed. Refer to Voltage Guidelines for the Pentium Processor with MMX Technology (Order Number 243186) for more details on voltage requirements.

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