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Intel GPS Products and Key Features

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the world's leading system for providing the exact position and time on the planet. Intel offers a broad range of high-performance LNAs using cost effective SiGe:C technology for GPS.

All listed LNAs fulfill mobile phone design requirements for high-sensitivity and immunity to interference with cellular signals while contributing to increased battery lifetime with a very low power consumption and the capability to operate down to 2.7 V (1.8 V for BGA715L7 resp.) typical supply voltage.

GPS Product List

Product Type Introduction Key Features
Intel® XPOSYS™

Leading-EDGE A-GPS true Single-Chip Receiver.

Intel® XPOSYS™ is highly optimized for low-cost, high-performance applications.

> Low component count (GPS <10 additional components)

> Low PCB Area (<26mm²)

> Low power consumption

> Host interfaces (UART, I²C or SPI)

> Reuse of system reference clock

> High sensitivity enabling scalability of GPS system to power consumption and cost