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Virtualizing Mission-Critical Applications

Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications

White Paper: Executive Overview

To create the infrastructure for a private enterprise cloud, Intel IT has set a goal of virtualizing up to 75 percent of our office and enterprise computing environments. To achieve this goal, Intel IT will need to virtualize mission critical applications, which is challenging due to rigorous performance, availability, and other requirements.

To determine the feasibility of virtualizing mission critical applications and identify optimum server consolidation ratios, Intel IT and Intel Architecture Group conducted proof-of-concept (PoC) testing. The testing focused on an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform used to exchange confidential, sensitive, and essential business information between Intel and its customers and suppliers. We compared performance, availability, and deployment time with physical and virtualized configurations. We found that the virtualized configuration:
• Delivered 1.4x the maximum throughput of the physical configuration and 5x the average throughput observed in the production environment, demonstrating the ability to meet performance service-level agreements (SLAs) and accommodate anticipated growth. We also improved virtualization performance by up to 40 percent by enabling Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology.
• Achieved a 5:1 server consolidation ratio in the tests.
• Greatly reduced unplanned downtime due to server failure; downtime was five minutes in the virtualized environment compared to 30 minutes in the physical environment.
• Could more quickly accommodate increases in workload by deploying new EAI components in four hours, compared with two weeks in the physical environment.

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