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Editor’s Pick: The Failure of Virtual Desktops

Find out why the virtual desktop has not yet materialized

The Year of the Virtual Desktop Fails to Materialize—Again

The Year of the Virtual Desktop Fails to Materialize—Again

When will it be the year of the virtual desktop? Read this Network World article to find out more. 2011 was supposed to be the year for it. Then again, so was 2010. With the launch of Microsoft Windows 7*, many companies planned to invest in virtual desktops for potential savings in hardware and reductions in maintenance and security costs. It happened for some organizations, but not as many as was anticipated. And while more virtual desktop technologies are in use, including virtual desktop infrastructure (or VDI), streaming applications, and remote mobile access, there hasn’t been a larger shift in how companies view virtualization on the client side. However, as desktop virtualization continues to evolve, there will continue to be steady growth toward virtual desktops. 

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