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Intel® power for Android* tablets.

Get Intel-level performance for Android* tablets – listen, watch, play, and be productive wherever you go.

A powerful Intel® processor gives you all the performance, agility, and speed you need in your Android* tablet. And with available 64-bit processing, built-in security1, and outstanding battery life, it's the kind of tablet performance you can count on. Only with Intel. Look Inside.™

All your content

All your content

Advanced multi-tasking technology is built right into Intel® processors so you can jump effortlessly from your favorite blog to an e-book or an online magazine. Whatever you feel like catching up on is instantly accessible.

Watch, snap, and shoot – in HD

Watch, snap, and shoot – in HD

Your sleek, lightweight tablet with Intel Inside® offers available 1080p HD movies for your viewing pleasure, while its built-in camera allows you to capture high-quality video and photos. And with video chat that lets you connect with friends and family in real time, you can be closer to the people that matter.

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1. No computer system can provide absolute security. Requires an enabled Intel® processor, enabled chipset, and firmware and software optimized to use the technologies. Consult your system manufacturer and software vendor for more information.