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The New World of Point-of-Sale

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The New World of Point-of-Sale

New Intel®-based POS solutions do much more than just ring up sales. They can simplify managing a business—enhancing marketing, pricing, inventory control, customer service, and much more.

Small businesses have long relied on electronic cash registers to process payments and generate receipts. But now many are turning to point-of-sale (POS) systems: intelligent, connected, versatile solutions that provide a full range of sales and payment processing capabilities—and much more.

POS systems are a critical “touchpoint” for today’s retailers—a location where the opportunity exists not simply to complete a transaction, enhance the customer relationship and streamline the business. POS systems today can play a role in marketing, pricing, and inventory control.

Increasingly, today’s POS systems are mobile. POS systems enjoy a broad range of form factors, little to large, fixed to mobile. Sales associates can use these devices anywhere in the store to answer questions, provide information and process a sale. Waiters in a restaurant can record selections electronically at tableside. Customers can even use their own mobile devices as POS solutions. Touch screen capabilities and enhanced software interfaces designed for specific markets all add to the functionality.

In short, today’s new POS solutions are smarter, more connected and more versatile than ever—opening up a new world opportunity for small businesses.

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