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Intel® Customer Manufacturing Enabling Guide

Purpose of the Intel® Customer Manufacturing Enabling guide

The Intel® Customer Manufacturing Enabling guide serves as a data reference for customers using Intel® components in their products. Each chapter provides information with respect to a certain aspect of the use or characteristics of Intel components.

The information provided is meant to be generic in nature. Product-specific packaging information can be found in the product's technical documents. To learn more about specific Intel® products click here.

Chapter 1: Component surface mount technology (SMT)
A review of the mass reflow soldering technologies of printed circuit board (PCB) component assembly termed SMT (surface mount technology).

Chapter 2: SMT board assembly recommendations
Suggested process parameters for Pb-free SMT board assembly reflow and rework.

Chapter 3: ESD / EOS
An overview of electrostatic discharge and electrical overstress.

Chapter 4: Board Flexure Initiative (BFI)
BFI definition, detection methods, and strategies to minimize effects.

Chapter 5: Transport Media, Packing, and Moisture Sensitivity
Various packing and shipping methods used at Intel. Packing media, desiccant pack materials, moisture sensitivity concerns/specifications, and shipping data are illustrated.

Chapter 6: Additional information sources
A reference to more detailed information on the topics covered in this Manufacturing Enabling Guide available on the Intel Learning Network.