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Quality and Reliability: Intel Quality System Handbook

Quality and reliability overview summarizes the Intel Quality System Handbook, describing Intel’s quality policy, quality management system, and more.

Logic Fault Isolation

Logic fault isolation processes ID specific nodes for further analysis and use mostly automated tools leveraging design for testability features.

Quality and Reliability Resources

Intel quality and reliability resources include links to documentation and videos.

Motherboard Repair: Ball Grid Array Socket Rework

Demos replacing damaged socket components for motherboard repair with thermal profile development, board cleaning, and new component preparation.

Component Surface Mount Technology: Guide

Surface mount technology guide provides instructions and diagrams for more reliable assemblies, increasing density for less weight, volume, and cost.

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Additional Resources—Intel® Learning Network: Guide

This guide provides directions on how to access information on the Intel® Learning Network, such as Manufacturing Advantage Service documents.

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Corner Glue: Application Techniques and Materials

Reviews corner glue use as a component to reduce soldering joint strain, material selection criteria, and demonstrates proper application techniques.

Intel® LGA771 Series or Intel® LGA775 Series: Processor Insertion

Demonstrates procedures for insertion and removal of a processor with the Intel® LGA771 Series and Intel® LGA775 Series sockets.

Intel International BV ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Certifies that Intel International BV complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements for the distribution and storage of finished goods for the EMEA region.

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Manufacturing with Intel® Products: Handling Recommendations

Ensure consistent quality and minimize defects and accidents with handling recommendations, methods, and practices.