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IPMI Common Information Model Mapping Guideline: Document

Document: Defines the common information model (CIM) mapping guideline for server management, including cross-vendor mapping of IPMI to CIM.

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Implementing IPMI, V1.5 for Server Management

Presentation: IPMI, V1.5 provides the foundation for extensible, cross-platform manageability, and reduces time to market.

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IPMB, V1.0, Address Allocation: Document

Document: Provides the allocation and use of inter-integrated circuit slave addresses for devices on the intelligent platform management bus (IPMB).

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IPMI Server Management Provides Mission Critical Stability

IPMI provides sound server management through an interoperable, extensible, and scalable architecture that lowers total cost of ownership.

Server Management Tools Enable Design Differentiation

Presentation: Server management tools and controllers enable competitive server management features and enable design differentiation.

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Intelligent Server Management Using IPMI, V2.0

Presentation: Describes using IPMI, V2.0, for intelligent server management that reduces time to market and supports value-added extensibility.

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IPMB Communications Protocol Specification, V1.0: Document

Document: The IPMB specification, V1.0, defines a byte-level transport of IPMI messages between intelligent inter-integrated circuit devices.

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IPMI, V1.0, Overview, Progress, and Implementation

Presentation: IPMI, V1.0, overview looks at technology that provides a foundation for platform management using off-the-shelf components.

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Using IPMI Platform Management in Modular Computer Systems

Presentation: Modular computer systems benefit from IPMI, which unifies modular server platform management and reduces time to market.

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Platform Event Trap Specification: Document

Document: Provides the platform event trap specification, which sends a platform event in a simple network management protocol trap.

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