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Cloud Security Risks No Big Deal?

Editor’s Pick: U.S. Department of Homeland Security is vetting cloud providers to host several important federal public web sites.

Trusted Computing Group and Trust in the Cloud

Editor’s Pick: Trusted Computing Group (TCG) addresses cloud security and the role of trust in a use case for multitenant environments. Q&A format.

DOD Cloud Computing is Private Due to Cloud Security Concerns

Editor’s Pick: DOD is building an internal cloud with hardened servers to manage the risk to agency data from cyber criminals.

Cloud Computing Models Published by Open Data Center Alliance

Editor’s Pick: The Open Data Center Alliance has released usage models to define the most urgent requirements for the cloud. Two focus on security.

Ethernet Fabric and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

Editor’s Pick: As data center workloads increase, demand on physical and virtual servers is high. 10 GbE switches increase network speed, capacity.

Cloud Data Centers: an Intel IT Radio Show

Building cloud data centers is a top priority this year for Intel IT. Intel IT experts talk about developing a private cloud.