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Specification Update: Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 (ICH8)

Spec Update: Report documents the results of software verification and validation for the Manager Software.

BIOS Update Tools for Intel® Atom™ Processor-Based Platform

Software: Intel® Atom™ processor 400/500 series-based platform package includes tools and utilities to update the BIOS/flash.

Intel® ICH Family SPI Flash Programming Guide: Application Note

Application Note: Clarify aspects of programming SPI flash on ICH family-based platforms, includes compatibility, BIOS, and tools.(v.2.4, Sept. 2008)

Moon Creek Customer Reference Board BIOS

Software: Package includes BIOS update for use on Moon Creek customer reference boards.

Moon Creek Customer Reference Board: Board Files

Board Files: Supports the Moon Creek customer reference board, with reference design license agreement. (Aug. 2009)

Intel® Atom™ Processor N450/D410/D510-based Platforms: Schematics

Schematics: Includes Intel® Atom™ processors N450, D410, and D510 with Intel® 82801 HM I/O Controller Hub-based platforms options checklist. (v.002.3)

Intel I/O Controller Hub 8 BIOS: Spec Update

Specification Update: Includes Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 BIOS errata, spec clarifications, document changes, and sightings. (v.001.82, June 2008)

Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8 Signal Quality Testing Software

Software: Tool for testing motherboard signal quality with an Intel® I/O Controller Hub 8. (V1, Dec 7, 2007)

Intel® Atom™ Processor 400/500 Series-Based Platform: Design Guide

Design Guide: Provides Intel® Atom™ processor 400 and 500 series-based platform power, processor, and controller hub guidelines. (v.002.2, Feb. 2012)