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Bayley Bay CRB and Bakersport CRB BIOS: Release Notes

This file contains information on the new release of a desktop board BIOS, as well as all previous releases of the firmware. (v. 93.41, Jul. 2015)

Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series: Datasheet

Datasheet: Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series overview covers signal, system memory map, registers, interfaces, electrical, and more information.

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Intel® Pentium,® Celeron, Atom™ Processors: Get Started

The newest Intel® Celeron®, Intel® Pentium®, and Intel® Atom™ processors transform display-oriented devices with twice the graphics performance.

Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3600/Z3700 Series Type 4 Thermal Guide

Thermal and mechanical design specifications for the Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3600/Z3700 Series Type 4 Platform. (v.2.3, Mar. 2014)

Intel® Atom™ Processor Z3600/Z3700 Series Type 4: Design Guide

Guide: Hardware implementation of tablet and convertible form factors based on Intel® Atom™ processor Z3600/Z3700 series type 4. (v.2.2, Jul. 2014)

Intel® Atom™ Processors N2800/D2700 Development Kit

Product Brief: Provides overview and features of Intel® Atom™ processor N2800 or D2700 series with Intel® NM10 Express Chipset development kits.

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Intel® NM10 Express Chipset: Datasheet

Datasheet: Specs for Intel® NM10 Express Chipset include information on signal, system memory map, registers, interfaces, characteristics, and more.

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HS-UART Sub-Device Driver for Microsoft Windows* OS 8.1 and 10

Code details the steps required to create a kernel mode UART sub-device driver using version 2 of the Serial Framework Extension. (v.1, May 2016)

Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 Product Family

Intel® Atom™ processor E3800 product family delivers outstanding compute, graphical, and media performance in an extended range of thermal conditions.

Intel® Atom™ E3800 Processor-Based Android* Platform: Audio Guide

This document describes tuning the audio quality of the Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor-based Android* platform. (v.0.8, Aug, 2013)