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Intel Data Center Performance

Discover Intel data center performance in scalability, big data, and HPC, with performance-related benchmarks in compute, storage, and networking.

BlueData Enables Virtualization for Big Data Deployments

The BlueData EPIC* software platform enables virtualization for big data deployments that scale and help businesses mange resources efficiently.

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Amazon Kinesis and Intel® IoT Gateways Deliver Real-time Data

White Paper: Collect, cache, and distribute high volume data coming from Intel® IoT Gateways with Amazon Kinesis. (v.2, Nov. 2014)

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Supermicro Brings Analytics to the Edge with Intel® IoT Gateway

Supermicro’s IoT gateway products offer complete edge-to-cloud solutions for data aggregation and analytics. (Jan. 2016)

DreamFactory Open Source IoT Platform Tutorial

Tutorial: Set up an Intel® IoT Gateway to write sensor data to any SQL/NoSQL database with DreamFactory* for backend database access. (v.1, Apr. 2015)

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Intel® Xeon® Processor E7 v4 Family Software Solutions

Explore Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v4 family software solutions for big data analytics, enterprise databases, financial services, and more.

The Connected Home

Explore the connected home, where gateway solutions connect devices and appliances to provide Internet, voice, home automation, and other services.

Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750 Home Gateway Overview

The Intel® AnyWAN™ GRX750 home gateway enables the telecom industry to quickly deliver innovation for the connected home.

Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750 Network Processor Product Brief

Product Brief: Explore features and design of the Intel® ANYWAN™ GRX750 network processor, a high-performance home gateway platform broadband SoC.

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Simics* Simulation Technology Accelerates Development

Wind River Simics* full system simulation technology builds virtual systems even before hardware is available, reducing time to market and costs.