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2008 Intel IT Performance Report

Enabling growth and IT business transformation

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2008 Intel IT Performance Report Report

Intel IT’s Journey of Transformation

Welcome to our eighth edition of the Intel IT Performance Report. In this publication, you will see examples of our progress towards our mission to deliver competitive I + T—information that enables rapid decision making and technology that creates a competitive advantage for Intel.

In 2008, we continued to invest in projects to reduce the cost of our overall operations. We have made great progress in carrying out our data center strategy by reducing our data center footprint, implementing advanced power and cooling solutions, optimizing the WAN, increasing server utilization, and aggressively accelerating our server refresh rate to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO). To date, we have saved more than USD 95 million through our data center efforts.

IT solutions that help drive business growth are critical for Intel. We made great progress in our supply-chain management solutions, enabling Intel to be more responsive to customers and resulting in better inventory management and overall cost savings. We also delivered on our online marketing vision by improving our customer experience through the design, delivery, and management of new infrastructure required for Web 2.0. And this year, we passed the halfway point in the complete upgrade of our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, landing an additional 23 individual programs. This conversion will create the agile and scalable solution we need in support of Intel’s growth.

As an IT group within a technology company, we have partnered with Intel business groups in defining, developing, and enabling technology and products that address the needs of enterprise IT organizations. In this edition of our performance report, you will see evidence of that close partnership and the value of Intel® architecture to an enterprise IT group.

It has been an exciting year for Intel IT. We have made significant progress and look forward to 2009 as we further deliver towards our strategies and objectives.

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