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Tame Unruly Desktops

Intelligent Management Reduces Risk, Help-Desk Costs

Since the advent of PCs in enterprise computing, IT organizations have struggled to manage them efficiently and cost effectively. This struggle has become more urgent in the past several years because PCs are no longer tethered to a desk that’s safe inside the organization’s walls. Users now take their laptops everywhere, so a desk-side visit to repair an inoperable computer can be a costly affair with a lot of user downtime. Furthermore, users mix personal and business tasks on the same platform, increasing the likelihood that something will go wrong. As if that weren’t risky enough, cyber criminals continually find clever ways to steal valuable data, which can have disastrous consequences for the enterprise.

Consider the case of Esteban, a fictional desktop administrator at a large accounting firm. He and his team manage 500 Windows* PCs across 19 locations. The team has a client-management solution, but the firm’s explosive growth in laptop use and mobility has exposed the solution’s limitations. For example, the solution works well when PCs are connected to the corporate network over Ethernet. But when PCs are powered off, or when an operating system or agent is unresponsive, a user is not present, or the PC is connected over a wireless network, seemingly simple tasks such as inventory and patching become time consuming and complex. Esteban must often create workarounds or send a technician to troubleshoot remote PCs. These desk-side visits consume as much as half of his support budget, and lead to lost productivity in the form of employee downtime.

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